Episode #4: Future of Jewish featuring Joshua Hoffman

Judaism and Jews are firmly rooted in a proud 5,000 year history, and thus, when describing anything Jewish, one focuses on the past. Joshua Hoffman, the Founder of Izzy – Stream Israel, realized that he could utilize the wisdom of Jewish history, spirituality, and philosophy to help shape the future of Jews. Future of Jewish is an important initiative that encourages Jews to think deeply about the Jewish ethos and peoplehood, and how best to improve ourselves for generations to come. Joshua and I delve into numerous topics – are we as a people too focused on antisemitism? What are obstacles Jews face – from within and outside? The future of Israel, and the differences between American and Israel Jews, and how dialogues can improve; and the importance of truly speaking and learning from different Jewish groups around the world. Book: https://jool.global/book Future of Jewish: https://futureofjewish.substack.com/