Laureen Lipsky

Laureen Lipsky is the CEO & Founder of Taking Back the Narrative, a Zionist education initiative. Her Israel and Jewish-oriented op-ed writing has been featured in: The Federalist, American Thinker, Washington Examiner, Algemeiner, Israel Hayom, and JNS. She has also written an exclusive piece, “The semantics of antisemitism” for The Center for Security Policy.

Zionism advocacy came into sharp focus for Laureen in 2014 when she was watching CNN. She was disgusted with the lies aimed at Israel, as the Jewish homeland was defending itself against Hamas. It was that time period that prompted her to deeply research the facts on Israel, the Middle East in general, and Jewish history overall.

Since 2014, Laureen has dedicated her social media accounts to Israel education. In 2018, Laureen was the runner-up in the Jewish People’s Choice Awards for the ‘Defender of Israel’ award. Taking Back the Narrative is the ultimate culmination in Zionist education, building upon Laureen’s work since 2014.