Bringing the Moroccan Jewish Experience (historical & cultural) Into the forefront; Featuring Jonathan Karten | Season II: Episode 3

Take a deep-dive into the rich fabric of Jewish history in Morocco with special guest, Jonathan Karten, the CEO & Founder of the Iftach Group. The first Jews who arrived in Morocco were those who left Israel after the destruction of the First Temple. Then there were Amazigh Jews, which was a result of the very close bond the native population had with the newly arrived Jewish population, and the third wave of Jews in Morocco resulted from Sephardic Jews who were escaping the Inquisition after 1492. 

Join us, as Jonathan describes in detail his family history in Morocco, the Muslim-Jewish relationship – both from a governmental angle and a community perspective, life in Israel after leaving Morocco post 1948, and the path forward for Israel and Morocco now – in the age of the normalization deal, as part of the Abraham Accords. 

We also discuss the importance of amplifying the Mizrahi experience and contribution, as it relates to combating antisemitism.