The Sorry State of On-Campus Zionism Education: Featuring Marlene Artov | Season II: Episode 1

The most common type of antisemitism these days comes in the form of anti-Zionism. This particular type of Jew-hatred is not just manifested online, within certain political parties, during anti-Israel marches and protests, but most increasingly on college campuses. And it does not remain on college campuses; it then spirals out of hand when college kids enter post-college life. These lies then spread into the media, into the halls of Congress, in popular culture, and is passed down to the next generation.

Are Jewish groups who claim they are pro-Israel equipped to handle the necessary education needed to push back against the antisemitic lies? Unfortunately, that is not the case.

Join me as I have a very no holds barred conversation with Marlene Meira Annabel Artov, a former Director of Young Professionals & Campus Coordinator at ZOA. Together we traverse the root issues, diagnose the stumbling blocks, and at the end, offer concrete solutions.