Post-October 7th Genocide Reality -Naomi Reinharz, CEO / American Society of the University of Haifa

157 days since the barbaric genocide against Israelis, the Jewish world is still coming to grips with our new reality. Hate coming from all directions, our very homeland in potential jeopardy of survival long-term, and the incomprehension of our missing people, stolen by Arab occupiers in Gaza. It has also been 157 days of sheer resilience of Israelis, the strength of the Jewish people, and renewed resolve for security. 

It is an honor to feature Naomi Reinharz in the first episode of Season III. Naomi has been a pillar in the Jewish world for over two decades,  her Zionism runs deep and proud, and in her current position as the CEO of the American Society of the University of Haifa, Naomi is navigating the current reality of post-genocide student life while also promoting co-existence between Israeli-Arabs and Jews on campus. 

Tune in as Naomi and I navigate a multitude of topics without any filters.