History of Muslim Terrorism & Weak Israeli Policies with Kobi Koren, International Relations Expert

It was an honor to speak with Kobi Koren, who is not only an expert on International Relations, but also has extensive knowledge on the history of the Middle East, and the Jewish people. Together, Kobi and I discussed the history of Muslim terrorism going back centuries, and addressed what many others seem to miss: just ‘freeing Gaza from Hamas’ will not do much long-term for Israel’s security.

To understand what is happening today towards Israel is to also understand the second half of the Ottoman Empire and of course the British Occupation. And for 75 years, Israel has been a sovereign country, in recent years, building up to having a powerful military; yet, why do the policies of Israel’s leadership not add up to the actual strength of the Israeli people — all is touched upon in detail in this exciting podcast episode.