Episode 5: Grand Mufti: Progression of Jew Hate from Ottoman Arabist to Nazi War Criminal; with Ido Reif

Why the need to focus on a long-deceased Grand Mufti when numerous Imams today are saying that Jews are the sons of apes and pigs, and calling for the death of Jews?

It is because Amin al-Husseini (the British Mandate-appointed Grand Mufti) is considered the father of modern terrorism against Jews and Israel. Born into a wealthy Ottoman-era family, al-Husseini was more Arab nationalist and focused his efforts on Arab unification with Syria, to create a pan-Arab nation (along with other areas of the Levant).

But the tide quickly turned with the help of the British, and once absolute power was bestowed to the Grand Mufti, he was hell-bent on destroying the Jews not only in Palestine but also in Iraq (the Farhud), and later in Europe as a right-hand helper to Hitler. Ido Reif goes into great detail into the life and criminality of the Grand Mufti, and the ramifications of his actions that are still carried out in modern times.