About Taking Back the Narrative

This Zionist education initiative was born out of necessity and personal passion. The founder participated professionally and as an Israel fact-seeker within numerous pro-Israel organizations. While all such organizations add to the robust programming and conversations pertaining to the Jewish homeland, what is missing, is a comprehensive Zionist material presentation.
This includes a much-needed closure of historical gaps, not currently taught, within the nearly 4,000-year history intertwining of Jews, and the land of Israel.

The goal is to share just the facts related to both Israel and its place within the Middle East. Every country has definitive facts that make up its history; Israel is no different. The aim is to educate those who are barraged with misinformation so commonly seen in the media, on college campuses, and on social media. These untruths have real-life damaging consequences, at times fatal, for Jews worldwide. The best way to pushback against the antisemitic lies is with accurate facts to then share with others.

TBTN emphatically stands by its tag line, “There is no Israel without Jews. No Jews without Israel.” This is in reference to Jews being indigenous to Israel. The Jewish people, even today, would not be a distinct ethnicity with a shared religion and customs, without the original provenance in Judea, linking a people to the land. When Jews were forcibly expelled from the Land of Israel (though a number of Jews did remain), the love and yearning for the return to the homeland endured. This is evidenced in daily prayers, holiday rituals, and life cycle events — Israel is and always has been front and center.

Is this an initiative only for Jews? Not at all. TBTN is thrilled to share its long-researched knowledge with all ages, nationalities, ethnicities, and religions. The initiative only discriminates against falsehoods about the only Jewish homeland. The non-Jewish minorities, who add so richly to the fabric of Israeli society, are proudly presented in the Highlight section boxes.
The website contains exact details backed by numerous vetted sources. Further explorations on various topics will be left for coming programming. On behalf of Taking Back the Narrative, I welcome you to explore the site and help others take back the false narrative being propagated against Israel.

Please contact us with any questions you may have.

* Many thanks to Deborah Peretz, a fellow proud Zionist, for contributing to a portion of the content of this website.

Contact Us:  info@tbtnisrael.com